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FAQ's About Our Locks and Installation

The Basics

A van deadlock is an additional lock alongside your central locking system which works by throwing a bolt into a receiving bracket fitted to your van's internal bodywork and operated by an external key.  By installing a deadlock, it provides an additional locking point to the van with a dual benefit. It not only acts as a visual deterrent but also physical security in the deadbolt.

A slamlock integrates with the existing locking mechanism on your van.  It automatically locks the door when the door closes and unlocks again manually with a key.  Ideal to avoid the risk of leaving your van unlocked and open to opportunist theft.

A Van hook lock is very similar to the deadlock, it is an additional security lock for your commercial vehicle. It is fitted to the van door and connecting panel. However, instead of a straight Deadlock, a hook-style bolt catches into the receiving bracket.

A deadlock is a completely separate lock to the existing locking mechanism.  It is only locked when you manually use the key within the lock and unlock by simply turning the key in the cylinder.  It is an additional lock that thieves would need to get past after the original lock.

A slam lock integrates within the existing locking mechanism on your van.  A van fitted with a slam lock automatically locks when it closes.  The door is then unlocked with a key and relocks again automatically when closed again.

Which lock is better depends on how you use your van.

If you are a delivery or courier driver who makes frequent deliveries, a slam lock could be more appropriate as it reduces the risk of your van being left unlocked reduced the opportunity of theft.

However, slam locks only provide one line of defence as they are integrated within your existing locking mechanism.  If you want extra security, deadlocks are an added layer of security that can't be picked or unlocked from inside.


We offer free installation with all van locks purchased.  However, the price of our actual locks depend on the type of lock you require, where you require the lock to be fitted and the number of locks you require.

Contact us for a no-obligation quotation.


We offer 0% interest-free over 4 equal interest-free payments.  Just pay a 25% deposit at the time of your order and pay the remainder of the following 3 months.


Van Deadlock Solutions will come to your home or place of work to fit your required lock/s at a convenient time and place.

We will do our utmost to travel as far as possible to install your van lock.  In most cases, this is usually around a 1-hour journey time from our business premises in Sutton Coldfield. Contact us and we will do our utmost to serve you.


Our comprehensive range of products cater for most vans on the market today including older models and electric vehicles.

With our locks being van and door specific, check if your van is compatible here or give us a call and speak to one of our experts.

We have a number of expert fitters to offer quick and convenient installation dates/times to suit you.  Please give us a call to check our availability.


We are happy to fit all types of locks to a range of vans whether you are a small independent business with just one van or a larger business with a large fleet, we are happy to help!

Insurance and Warranty

Our preferred and leading supplier of locks from Locks 4 Vans are Thatcham accredited and come with a three-year warranty and are fully supported throughout the UK.

Having additional locks fitted to your van is sure to reduce your car insurance cost in most cases.  Most insurance companies will offer a discounted rate as it displays added security and reduces the risk of your van being stolen.  However, a reduced insurance premium is dependent on the insurance company's qualifying requirements.

Post Installation

We are always here to help with any questions, queries or issues that may arise.  Just get back in touch with us and we will be happy to help!  Our priority is continued ongoing aftercare to ensure you are 100% happy with your product.

Although van deadlocks will provide a high level of security to your van there are other things you van do to bolster your security such as add a tracker to your van.  Even if your van is stolen, having a tracker will help police find your van before thieves dispose of it.  A range of vehicle trackers are available at www.vehicletracksolutions.co.uk who work in partnership with systems used by TRACKER which connect to police databases and use GPS to find stolen vehicles quickly.
A Ghost immobiliser can also be fitted to your van to help protect you against keyless van theft which works by a a pin code within your vehicle's dashboard in a sequence unique to you and your own personal preference.  Available at www.cartheftsolutions.co.uk  

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