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Van Hook Locks

Commercial Security Locks For Vans

What is a Hook Lock?

A Van hook lock is very similar to the deadlock, it is an additional security lock for your commercial vehicle. It is fitted to the van door and connecting panel. However, instead of a straight Deadlock, a hook style bolt catches into the receiving bracket. They can be fitted to a wide range of vehicle manufacturers and models. We will recommend whether a Deadlock or Hock Lock is best for the location on the van you would like to protect as it can be fitted in several areas.

They are a popular upgrade for nearly every van manufacturer in the UK including Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen and many more – find your van here.

How Does a Hook Lock Work?

Once the Hook Lock has been installed by us, it creates a high-security additional locking point to the van, giving the driver full control. It needs to be opened by a different external key which thieves do not often realise.

Van Hook Locks are fitted in carefully chosen tactical locations to make it as difficult as possible to break into your van including the side and rear door. It also acts as a visual deterrent with the cylinder being on show.

van back door protected by hook lock

A van is broken into every 23 minutes.* Get protected today with Van Deadlock Solutions!

Choose your van make & model, get in touch & let us help you protect your valuables!

* Source: RAC

Van Hook lock

Hook Locks for Vans

Hook Locks for Vans are suitable for owner-drivers or industries where the driver is relied upon to operate the lock.

Van Hook Locks are also compatible with Electric and Hybrid Vans and are plated in highly durable satin nickel to maintain a long-lasting appearance and consistent performance.

The Hook Locks are van specific and are installed by a professional and are tamper-proof – leaving your van fully secured and complete peace of mind for the driver.  For an extra layer of security, we can also add on shielding products.

Mobile Installation – We Come to You!

Van Deadlock Solutions will come to your home or place of work to fit your Hook lock at a convenient time and place. We regularly fit Van Hook Locks for delivery drivers, couriers, tradesmen, and various other industries that rely on the safety of their commercial van.

One of our trained professional team will fit your chosen products quickly and efficiently, fully demonstrating how they operate to lock and unlock.

Contact us here for a free quote or call on 0333 370 3257 for expert product advice.

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