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In the time it takes to jump out of your vehicle and post a letter through the post-box, the contents of your van could be emptied. At Van Deadlock Solutions, our Renault slam locks are an affordable solution to keep both your van and valuables safe.

Slam locks can be bypassed from the inside of your vehicle if you get locked in, so your safety isn’t at risk. 

Why Buy Renault Van Slam Locks?

Slam Locks are an affordable investment for the security of your commercial vehicle. They are self-locking, so once your door slams shut - your van is locked!

The Slam Lock was designed for the security of valuables and tools whilst the driver is in and out of the vehicle – Slam Locks are highly recommended for drivers with multi-drop deliveries, and operations where the driver is unloading the vehicle, or delivering parcels.

We wrongly assume that in brief moments when our vehicles are unlocked, nothing will happen. However, opportunist thieves, are on the lookout for these moments.

Adding a Slam Lock door to your commercial vehicle means there is one less thing to worry about.

slam lock doors on renault vans are available at Van Deadlock Solutions

Renault Van Physical & Visual Deterrent

Our Renault van Slam Locks not only act as physical security but add a visual deterrent when thieves are scanning vehicles. Thieves don’t like to be disturbed or seen, so adding extra protection to your vehicle becomes too much a hassle for criminals.

Van Deadlock Solutions fit external shields to your Renault van, protecting against bodywork punctures that give access to door latches and internal lock mechanisms.


slam lock doors available for all major brands, such as Ford, Renault, Peugeot & Citroen

Factory Fitted Locks VS Slam Lock Doors

Factory fitted locks unlock the whole of your van simultaneously, leaving every entry to your vehicle vulnerable. Slam locks don’t just offer a dual benefit (the actual security and the visual security) but having one fitted will disengage the factory fitted locks and act door specific, safeguarding against the driver forgetting to lock with the slam door locks automatically locking when the door is shut.

slam lock doors offer more factory fitted locks, as they act door specific

According to the RAC, over 43,000 vans have been stolen since 2016 with a further 117,000 vans being broken into over the same period.

That’s On Average, 30 Vans Per Day! Don’t Let Yours Be One Of Them!

The affordable Renault Slam Lock is an investment worth having. Most insurers look for additional lock security to reduce the risk of theft to make a claim on the driver’s insurance. This means you may have a cheaper premium. What’s more, Van Deadlock solutions offer mobile fitting. This super convenient service means you don't waste any of your precious time. One of our professional experts will fit your Slam Lock doors efficiently, demonstrating how the lock system works upon completion of the job.

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