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At Van Deadlock Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping your van and its contents safe. That's why we offer a range of security options including ultimate van Locks to help you protect your vehicle and give you peace of mind living in and around Birmingham.

Birmingham Van Theft

Birmingham is a bustling city with a lot of traffic and activity, which can make van security a concern. Whether you're a tradesman making deliveries, a contractor transporting equipment, or just someone who uses their van for personal use, it's important to take steps to secure your vehicle. In most cases, vans are used commercially and if the contents are emptied it leaves you not only out of pocket but unable to carry out your livelihood.

Rising van theft in Birmingham UK
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Anti–Theft Measures

Van Deadlock solutions have many aftermarket interventions that will improve your security. There are also several measures you can take to help secure your van and reduce the risk of it being stolen:

  • Use a visible or audible alarm system: An alarm system can deter thieves and alert you if someone is attempting to break into your van.
  • Install a GPS tracking device: This can help you locate your van if it is stolen and assist law enforcement in recovering it. (Ghost Immobiliser available from Car Theft Solutions).
  • Use a steering wheel lock or brake pedal lock: These devices physically prevent someone from being able to drive your van even if they manage to get inside.
  • Use a lockable fuel cap: This can prevent thieves from being able to drive your van away even if they manage to start it.
  • Use heavy-duty locks on doors and windows: High-quality locks can make it more difficult for thieves to break into your van (more information on our ultimate locks further down the page).
  • Park in a secure location: Choose a well-lit and busy area to park your van whenever possible.
  • Consider installing security cameras: Cameras can deter thieves and help identify suspects if your van is stolen.

It's also a good idea to keep your van well-maintained and in good working order to reduce the risk of breakdowns that could make it more vulnerable to theft. Additionally, consider removing any valuable items from your van when it is not in use to reduce the temptation for thieves.

A van is broken into every 23 minutes.* Get protected today with Van Deadlock Solutions!

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* Source: RAC

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Ultimate Locking Systems

At Van Deadlock Solutions, we are specialists in van security. We have a range of locks and accessories tailored to your van's make and model and these are all provided and installed by us to improve van security. We guarantee only the best standard and protection for your van against theft by using the top manufacturer and award-winning "Locks for Vans" as our chosen provider.

Today, learn more about the selection of vehicle locks and accessories we offer and install below:

Van Deadlocks

Perfect for your van fleet, a van deadlock is a type of lock that is designed to provide additional security for a van or other commercial vehicles. It is called a "deadlock" because it is separate from the van's main locking system and can only be opened with a key. Deadlocks are typically installed on the door of the van and are designed to be difficult to pick or bypass. They can provide an extra layer of security for your van, making it more difficult for thieves to break in and steal your vehicle or any valuable items inside. For deadlock fitting in Birmingham.

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Other Ultimate Lock Options

We also provide and fit van Hook Locks and Slam Locks around Birmingham. For more information on these products and what security they offer for your van, check out our information pages below:


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