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Choosing to have a deadlock fitted to your van is one step closer to ensuring you do not fall victim to the increasing number of van thefts across the UK.

Having a van deadlock fitted provides a new way to secure your van while providing two benefits.  In the best possible location on the van, the deadbolt acts not only as a visual deterrent but also as physical security.  By arranging a van deadlock fitting with Van Deadlock Solutions, you will be preventing thieves from targeting your van because the presence of a van deadlock makes it too much of a challenge.

How does A Van Deadlock Work?

Van deadlocks are mechanical deadlocks that work completely independently of the interior locking system - much like Hook Locks.  It is installed to the van door and connecting body panel – that when locked activates a secure deadbolt across the door.  The straight bolt is 20mm-50mm and is operated by a high-security external key given to the driver on installation, leaving you with just the highest level of van security.

Where Can A Van Deadlock Be Fitted?

A van deadlock can be fitted across a number of doors on your van which include:

  • Driver Door
  • Passenger Door
  • Near and offside loading doors
  • Rear - Barn doors
  • Rear - Tailgate doors

Van Specific Deadlocks

All our van deadlocks are van specific and are installed by our professional team.  Guaranteed to be tamper-proof to ensure a secure van and peace of mind for the owner.

Van Deadlock Fitting

A van is broken into every 23 minutes.* Get protected today with Van Deadlock Solutions!

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* Source: RAC

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All of our locks are fitted by our team of specially trained lock experts.  One of our trained professional team will come to you at a time and place convenient for you for your van deadlock fitting, quickly and efficiently installing your lock and demonstrating how they operate to lock and unlock where needed.

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Our Other Van Security Products

Van Deadlock Solutions also provide professional fitting of Van Slam Locks, Van Hook Locks, and other shielding products.

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