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Van Deadlocks in Solihull

Van Deadlocks Solihull. Thoughtfully created to satisfy the growing demands of commercial van security by safeguarding priceless interior equipment and thwarting typical van theft techniques.

Van Deadlocks

Van deadlocks are mechanical deadlocks that are available as an aftermarket product that operates independently of the internal locking mechanism. These are a highly effective complement to the normal factory-installed van locks. It is a device that is mounted to the van door and the body panel that connects it, and when locked, it activates a safe deadbolt across the door. When installed, the driver is handed a high-security external key that opens the 20mm–50mm straight bolt.

Find your van by pressing the button below. These are a popular modification offered by almost all UK van manufacturers, including Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, and many more.

Deadlock installed on Solihull Van by Van Deadlock Solutions

A van is broken into every 23 minutes.* Get protected today with Van Deadlock Solutions!

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* Source: RAC

Van Deadlocks FItted in Solihull

Van Deadlock Solutions, Solihull

Van Deadlock Solutions provides Solihull with mobile fitting.  Our security specialists will install your deadlock at your house or place of business at a time and location that works for you. For delivery drivers, couriers, tradespeople, and many other professionals who depend on the security of their commercial van, our skilled staff will install van deadlocks with a hassle-free service. We have skilled, amiable, and qualified fitters to ensure your chosen devices are installed fast and effectively while fully explaining how to lock and unlock them, they are also employed directly by Van Deadlock Solutions, so they take ultimate pride in their work.

We advise combining our locking and shielding systems for the highest level of van protection to protect both your possessions and the vehicle itself.

Where to Install Van Deadlocks

  • Rear Tailgate Doors
  • Rear Barn Doors
  • Driver Door
  • Passenger Doors
  • Near and Offside Door

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Van Deadlock Advantages

Installing a van deadlock provides you with a second locking point for the vehicle, which has two advantages. It provides physical protection in the best possible way by placing the deadlock on the van in addition to serving as a visual deterrent. A van deadlock installation in Solihull can deter thieves from targeting your vehicle since it is too much of a hurdle for them to do so. Most thieves target vans with simple access.


Solihull is a very prestigious area of the West Midlands, but that doesn’t mean that your vehicle is protected against theft, it’s in fact quite the opposite, many vans have been broken into in Solihull because criminals think they hold more valuable items.

Van Deadlock Solutions fitting security locks in Solihull

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