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Enhance Your B2B Van Fleet Protection with L4V Statement Locks and Thatcham Accredited Van Alarms. We offer a wide multitude of solutions for your existing or new fleet of vans, keeping your assets and business safe from rising van theft statistics.

Robust security measures are critical in today's competitive marketplace, where van fleets play an important part in logistics and operations. 
Companies rely significantly on their van fleets to deliver valuable items, equipment, and staff, which makes them appealing targets for thieves and opportunistic individuals. 
security breach can have serious ramifications, ranging from financial losses due to stolen assets or damaged goods to potential supply chain interruptions and tarnished reputations.

Reliable Van Security Products for Your Fleet

The L4V Statement Lock provides unparalleled van fleet protection. This strong lock is developed with various security features to prevent unwanted access and deter break-ins. Its exceptional build quality ensures durability, making it suited for the demanding nature of fleet operations.

The L4V Statement Lock, which is compatible with numerous van types, offers versatile security solutions for your whole fleet. Its obvious presence functions as a strong deterrent, lowering the chance of theft and providing fleet managers with peace of mind. Trust Van Deadlock Solutions to provide full security for your valuable assets, allowing you to focus on properly managing your B2B van fleet.

van fleet of commercial vehicles protected by van couier locks
Thatcham Alarm Protected Van by Van Deadlock Solutions

Stay Alert with Thatcham Accredited Alarms

Thatcham Accedit Van Alarms by Van Deadlock Solutions can improve the security of your commercial van fleet. These sophisticated alarms are specifically developed to give an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your valuable, key assets and improving overall fleet security. Thatcham Certified Van Alarms are equipped with cutting edge technology, providing a variety of sophisticated features to dissuade any potential criminals.

Thatcham Accredited Van Alarms have been meticulously designed and extensively tested to fulfil the strict criteria set by Thatcham Research, one of the worlds leading authorities on vehicle security. This accreditation confirms the trustworthiness, effectiveness, and compliance of these alarms with industry leading security standards, providing you with preace of mind that your fleet is secured.

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A van is broken into every 23 minutes.* Get protected today with Van Deadlock Solutions!

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* Source: RAC

Van Fleet Protection Solutions Offered by Van Deadlock Solutions

Everything Your Fleet Needs, All in One Place

Van Deadlock Solutions cover a wide variety of solutions for your fleet. As a leading expert in fitting and installating solutions for vehicles around the United Kingdom, we're able to offer your more than just alarms or locks, including:

L4V Statement Locks and Thatcham Alarms

"Lock in a Box" Solutions

Van Deadlocks

Van Hooks & Van Slam Locks

Catalytic Converter Protection

Cargo & Shutter Locks

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