Deadlocks Vs Slamlocks

23 August 2022 | Van locks, Van Security

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Deadlock VS Slam Locks – What’s the difference?

With the van security market flooding with products, it’s hard to figure out what product is best fit to accommodate your circumstances. So many manufacturers are making products that do their job but aren’t necessarily Thatcham approved.

Thatcham accredited security locks are the highest seal of approval. All Thatcham-approved products have all had intensive checks to give them the ‘gold stamp’. Not only that, but most insurers also look for Thatcham products added to a vehicle as it reduces the risk of vehicle theft or theft of valuable goods from the vehicle – something that often reduces your premium.

Deadlocks and Slam Locks are two of the most in-demand security solutions, but how do you decide what one to purchase? In this article, we help you understand the products a little more and why investing in them for your commercial vehicle, may just be one of the best aftermarket purchases you’ll make…

Deadlocks Vs Slam Locks

On average, 30 vans a day are broken into, that’s over 10 thousand yearly


Commercial Vans – A Theft Favourite

Commercial vehicles are a favourite to thieves as there is more value to the theft. Phones are worth a fortune these days alone, but tools and machinery can sometimes be worth thousands of pounds. Factory fitted locking systems just won’t cut it when it comes to criminals wanting to get in your vehicle. In fact, as Deadlocks and Slam Locks are visible, not seeing one of these installed on a van is almost an enticement to opportunist thieves.

It’s happening all too often that manufacturer locks that are fitted to every vehicle just aren’t resisting theft attacks we now experience in the UK. SO, lets get started on the 2 most popular lock solutions…

Slam Locks

Situation: You only need to drop the parcel off at number 8, you’ll be two minutes, if that! Shut the door, it will be fine! You have ended up having a chat with the home owner and when you come back to your vehicle… BOOM! Your phone has been taken out of the glove box, and your next DPD parcel has been stolen out of the back….

Ouch!!! This common situation is a hard pill to swallow because it could have been totally avoided.

The Slam Lock is mostly useful for couriers and multi-drop drivers. This is because the vehicle will lock automatically when you shut the door. We often act on autopilot and shut vehicle doors without locking them, thinking everything will be safe because you’re ‘only exiting the vehicle for a minute or two’ … opportunist thieves are on the hunt for moments like this. Fuel stations are also amongst the most common places of theft.

The benefits of a Slam Lock:

  • Integrates with the existing locking system
  • Doors automatically lock when doors close, without need of physically locking vehicle
  • Vehicle door specific
  • Direct release
  • Thatcham accredited
  • High visual deterrence

Remember, in the time it takes to drop off a parcel, your goods or vehicle can be stolen!


Situation: You’ve been mowing lawns all around the local area & the pollen has made your hay fever worse… you’ve pulled up at home and the last thing you want to do is empty your vehicle of all the tools and machinery that are needed for your day’s work. You feel more confident knowing you have a deadlock fitted so you head straight for the front door to put your feet up after a hard day…

Deadlocks work independently from the internal locking system, making it completely separate. They are very similar to the commonly fitted deadbolt lock at home. A deadlock’s main purpose is to provide additional security in vulnerable areas and extra overnight security. If thieves are trying to tamper with the vehicle’s original locks, once they get through, they then have a deadlock to attack. It’s a huge deterrent to thieves and more often then not if they know a car has a deadlock, they see it as a huge inconvenience and move on.

Deadlocks can be installed on:

  • Driver Door
  • Passenger Door
  • Near and offside loading doors
  • Barn doors (rear)
  • Tailgate doors (rear)
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