Only 1% of Stolen Tools Are Ever Recovered

22 September 2021 | Van locks

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With van theft continuing to be a huge problem in the UK figures have shown that a massive £17.5 Million of tools were stolen in London alone in 2020 with £57,000 of tools stolen every day in 2020.

Metropolitan Police data has revealed that only 1% of stolen powered hand tools are ever recovered, costing tradesmen in London more than £38 million in the last 2 years and £17.5 million in 2020 alone.  This leaves the average cost of tool theft per month, so far in 2021, remaining at 1.46 million.

New data shows there were 28, 338 tool thefts reported across London from 2019 up to May 2021 this year.

According to the Federation of Master Builders, 8 in 10 builders have reported having had their tools stolen before, with tool theft continuing to be a serious issue for Britain’s builders.  Typically, over their working life, a builder will lose £10,000 and six working days due to tool theft and can lead to having a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing due to the stress it causes.

Tradesmen and builders can protect themselves by adding extra locks to their van in addition to other protection measures such as CCTV and tool marking. For more information or to book a lock fitting for your van, contact Van Deadlock Solutions here or call us on 0333 370 3257.

Number of van thefts in London